If you don’t know how to write a strong, cohesive college application essay, you’re not going to luck your way into it. You have to know how. 

Your “Know-How” College Application Essay Problem

When I first started writing my essay for Duke, I had to look at about a dozen different websites for a comprehensive understanding of how to write a college application essay. It felt frustrating, annoying, and complicated.

Does this sound familiar? Because if that’s you, I feel your pain. I went through it once.

You’re already lacking for time. You have school, extracurriculars, jobs, a social life—and now you have to write multiple college essays? And you’ve never had to write an essay like the one they want for college? How are you supposed to do that?

Don’t bother searching for days for different tips. You might find a good tip here and there, but then you have to piece it together—and oftentimes, those “good tips” don’t go into enough depth to actually benefit you. They might help if you’re a great writer, but becoming a great writer takes years of time and singular focus. Odds are that is not you, and that is OK. Shakespeare, Hemingway, Tolkien—no one wrote their first great story as a teenager.

Everything You Need to Know in One Place

I wrote the book I wished I’d had as an 18-year old about to apply to his dream school. I went over the writing tips I’ve honed at all of the writing jobs and assignments I’ve had over the years. I analyze them in here.

I went over the hundreds of college application essay I’ve edited or worked on, looking for common errors and bad assumptions I’ve seen repeatedly. I discuss them in here.

I examined the questions I get from readers of my fiction or from friends all the time. How do you write so well? When do you write? Do you listen to music when you write? How many drafts do you write? I cover them in here.

I thought about the books I’ve learned the most from on writing. I’ve included them in here.

In short, not only will this book make you write the best college application essay you can create, it will make you a better writer, period. And in this era of constant text, email, and digital communication, the ability to write clearly and without uncertainty matters more than it ever did.

Don’t just learn how to write a great college essay. Learn how to write great, period.

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