About Me

Before I became a professional essay writer, I had to write my first essay–the one to my dream school, Duke University.

In the fall of 2005, I looked at my nearly-complete application to Duke. Since as far back as I could’ve remembered, I wanted to jump on the bleachers in Cameron Indoor Stadium as a Cameron Crazy. If my room had Carolina blue anywhere, I had my parents change the colors. When I found out that Duke also carried one of the best academic reputations in the country, I sealed my fate in my mind. I would attend Duke University.

But when I looked at my application holistically, I saw a great candidate who might get in, but not an excellent candidate who had a good shot of getting in. I had a GPA that ranked outside the top 10 percent of my class, a 34—but not a 35 or a 36—ACT score, and four years of theatre, but only as a supporting actor, never as the lead star. I could only stand out with the skill all of my English teachers had praised me for—my writing.

So when I saw I had 500 words to write about whatever I wanted, I swore to craft an emotionally powerful, compelling essay that described my growth from awkward, lazy 14-year old to a confident, driven 18-year old. I described in vivid detail about the time I dropped a barbell with 135 pounds on it straight on my neck in front of the entire football and wrestling team and the shame I felt. I described cursing at myself outside the school, embarrassed I couldn’t even lift a weight that others used as a warmup.

And then I described how I used the moment as motivation to improve not just my strength, but my fortitude and dedication. I described how from that point on, I only got four Bs, became more active in theatre, and dedicated myself to getting into shape.

Four years after writing that essay, I received my bachelor’s of arts in psychology from Duke University. I had made my childhood dream come true, and I could not have done it without those 500 words.

Since beginning my freshman year at Duke, I’ve had numerous jobs and projects related to writing and editing. I wrote for my school newspaper, The Chronicle, and got the chance to cover the famous men’s basketball team. I worked for the largest newspaper in North Carolina, The (Raleigh) News & Observer. I wrote a blog while I played poker in Las Vegas. I wrote a novel about my time in Vegas, and then wrote several fantasy and sci-fi novels.

But nothing makes me happier than working as an essay writer to help a student craft an essay or a series of essays that puts them in a position to succeed in their dream school.

For the last five years, I’ve edited or worked on over 500 essays with AbroadEssay, a service specializing in the Chinese market; Fiverr and Upwork; and private clients. I have had students gain admittance to top colleges, top graduate schools, and top trade schools. I have helped students earn thousands of dollars in scholarship money, and have even helped a few write effective essays for job applications.

But while that brings me great satisfaction, what brings me the most satisfaction isn’t what I’ve done. It’s the next student I’m going to help achieve their dreams.

Is that student you?

Let’s talk now. Let’s make your dream come true by working with me, a professional essay writer.